Motel is a creative company in London that believes the best ideas come from being comfortably uncomfortable.

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Comfortable. Uncomfortable. Modern. Old. Fun. Serious.


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AJ Coyne wrote a review - August 2020
Klarna, London

Been here since August
Wow. They take care of everything. Tired of traditional thinkers, ways of working, outdated ideas and remuneration models. Check-in to Motel and they won't disappoint - thank you for bringing a touch of the garage back and helping us up our brand tempo #DeepInside.
We'll be back soon. But next time, please tell Burt to order in four pillars for the G&T's.

Sam wrote a review - September 2020
London, England

A little comfort in uncomfortable times
I put on my Motel slippers and knew this was a bit different. The Motel team work from places as diverse as London, Scotland, Mallorca, Sao Paulo and Biddenham. Every idea they showed me made me uncomfortable but in the right way - no wallpaper! Great service and down-to-earth.

Juan wrote a review - July 2020
Mallorca, Spain

Out of my comfort zone
I woke up one morning and realised I’d been comfortable for too long. I wanted to get more uncomfortable. But not so uncomfortable that it felt wrong. I was looking for a sweet spot. Thanks to the whole Motel team for putting me right there.

Ruth wrote a review - July 2020
London, England

Truly great service
What struck me most was the friendly service and can do attitude of everyone here. Oh, and the free ice!

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